Special Podcast Announcement - Schedule Change and More

Hi listeners, Nora here! We have some big and important changes coming up for the podcast, some of which concern our schedule of release and some exciting new things that we’re bringing to you...


The TL;DR of This Announcement: Instead of releasing an episode weekly, we’ll be releasing an episode every other Friday. We’ll be resuming our regular weekly upload schedule sometime in April or May.


Okay, So Here’s What’s Up With That:

Ellie and I LOVE running this podcast. For me, it’s the highlight of my week when I get to record with Ellie and then show off the episode that we’ve been working on. However, we run this podcast while also managing our daily lives and day jobs (and Ellie somehow manages to work two jobs and run this podcast LIKE A CHAMP. How does she do it???) We also have big plans to work on other stuff for fans of the Heebie Jeebie Babes Podcast to enjoy, so we’ve been working on those on the sidelines.

However, some stuff has come up that is preventing us from releasing one good episode per week AND working on our other stuff. We put quality over quantity when we produce each episode, so we decided to temporarily change our schedule to ensure that the episodes we give you are good.


What’s Next?

Ellie and I are collaborating with some podcasters and YouTube contributors that we LOVE, so you’ll probably be finding us with some of your favorite channels and podcasts. We’re also working on some episode specials that we hope you’ll find exciting.

By the time we’re back up to our regular schedule, we hope to have a Patreon for you guys and some merch (if you’re interested). What we’d need from you guys is your support, so any tweets, emails, or social media comments that tell us what you’d like to see more from us will be super helpful.


In the Meantime...

Until we start bringing you weekly episodes again, Ellie and I will be updating this blog on a weekly basis. As mentioned above, you may also see us on some of your favorite YouTube channels or podcasts, so make sure to keep an eye out and give us a shout-out when you can!

If YOU want to support us on Patreon or buy some merch, make sure to reach out and tell us what you want to support/buy. You may see it in the lineup when we release both!


So Anyway, Thanks!

We’re loving the wonderful support that we’re getting from you all so far.  We feel so lucky to have some wonderfully fun fans. Thank you for sticking with us as we improve, and don't forget to stay spooky!