Summer Movie Marathon!

It's summertime! We know that most of us are just trying to make it through to sweet sweet Autumn where the trees change color, there is a chill to the air and Jack-o-lanterns letting of a warm spooky glow. Until then we have to deal with bugs, sun, unbearable heat, and the sun. So to make the wait more bearable I, Ellie, have compiled some good ol Summer horror flicks that you can enjoy from the sweet sweet indoors where the AC is blasting and the pesky sun is blocked by blackout drapes.

Movie # 1: Friday the 13th

Hey everyone! Let's go to a camp in the middle of nowhere where some kid died and then partake in sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Not on Mrs. Voorhees watch! Yes, Jason doesn't make his dazzling appearance until the final moments of the film where our soul survivor think she's finally safe and the nightmare is over. Nah girl, it's just begun!

Movie # 2: Nightmare on Elm Street

For me, when there's Jason, there's Freddy. I remember when I first watched this movie and was afraid to sleep for weeks. Even though this movie doesn't take place during the summer like the other movies on this list, it's one of the Slasher essentials for me.

Movie # 3: Jaws

Afraid of open water like me? Well this movie will fuel your TOTALLY REASONABLE FEAR OF OPEN WATER BECAUSE WTF IS IN THE OCEAN?! Killer sharks apparently. This poor tourist beach town is having all their summer fun ruined by a huge bloodthirsty shark. I'll stick to pools thanks!

Movie # 4: Sleepaway Camp

These kids can't catch a break! One of the reasons I love this movie are all the creative ways to kill people and I really related to Angela since the poor girl is constantly be bullied because she's a shy weirdo. This movie was creative with killings and had a awesome twist ending.

Movie # 5: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Man oh man! Don't drink and drive kids. It puts your lives and the lives of others at risk. Julie, Ray, Helen, and Barry find this out the hard way.

Movie # 6: The Evil Dead

GROOVY! This movie is a classic horror film that really creeps you the fuck out. Full of unsettling imagery and situations where poor Ash has to decide if he should kill his friends or try to save them from the ancient evil that is taking them over. And there's chainsaws soooo that's fun.

Movie # 7: Cabin In The Woods

This movie is actually one of my favorite horror movies of all time. It doesn't take itself too seriously while it plays with all sorts of classic horror tropes while remaining downright scary. Evil mermaids, crazy inbred backwoods murder family, and killer unicorns? This movie has it all!

Well that's it for this movie marathon! If you enjoyed it let us know and we will happily make more!

Stay Spooky!