Nora B. – The Skeptic

Fueled by Whiskey, Tea, and Macaroons

Nora attended a supposedly haunted school, grew up in the town of a famous murder family, and has mingled with zombies and werewolves in your favorite horror TV shows. She spent most of her childhood reading horrifically creepy stories when she wasn’t asking out every cute boy in her class. To pay the bills, Nora works as a copywriter and media writer for corporate brands. To fuel her dreams, she works on that one book that she swears will get published one day, someday, eventually. Nora can also probably kick your ass (if she wanted to) (if you asked politely).


Ellie May – The True Believer

Fueled by Beer, Coffee, and Tacos

Ellie has had many paranormal experiences that have horrified her, including growing up in a haunted house, and yet she’s still out looking for more creepy stuff to indulge in. She spent her childhood being forced to train to be a ballerina by day and reading Stephen King books by night. When she grows up, she wants to be the love child of Ellen Ripley and Morticia Addams. She likes her coffee like she likes her men— ground up and stored in the freezer. Ellie works in sound editing and recording for video games, movies, and other productions that you’ve definitely heard of and has a BFA in Sound Design. She also does the sound for this podcast, The Heebie Jeebie Babes Podcast, which we all know you know of.